Monday, February 11, 2013

Gigi's Book

So this post is long overdue since I shot these images in October and November, but it was a Christmas present and then got put off again and again. Now you are lucky because I was going to post one image at a time for a few days to keep your attention, but my attention span isn't that long right now so you get them all at once. So for Christmas as a family gift in collaboration with Cory's Grandma we put together a cookbook of Gigi's recipes. Her most famous ones in the family, so that everyone could have them with her changes, and her specifications. It is handy being married to a graphic designer at times like these. Cory did a great job with the layout and text, and I got to try my hand at some food photography again. Not to mention we ate better during the two months I was photographing than I usually cook ;) Haha... Here's the ones that made the book.

 Gigi's CheeseBall

 Taco Soup

 Her famous fudge

 Gigi's Classic Lasagna 

Seven layer cookie bars

Hopefully I can do something cool like this for my side of the family soon ;)

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