Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jason & Brianna's Wedding

We just shot this wedding this morning. Jason as you can see was in a very good mood, and being very silly. Despite his silliness we got some great pictures, and the weather turned out much better than expected.

Irene & Jens

This was a fun shoot that we did about two weeks ago. Irene and Yens are a beautiful couple, and I was very pleased with how their pictures turned out. I am lucky enough to be shooting their wedding in about a month and a half and will post those shortly after. Enjoy!

Jennie & Sam

This adorable couple we shot the engagements for weeks ago. I've been so busy I just haven't posted yet. Finally I got them up. Partially because I have so many more to share too. They are really cute, and you can tell very in love. I'm excited for them, and wish them all the best.