Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Rain

It rained today. I've been meaning to photograph the blossoms for an ode to Spring, and just never gotten around to it. And surprisingly the blossoms are already disappearing. Today it rained and gave me an opportunity to get out, and photograph in the middle of the day. So here is my ode to Spring which is in full strength and on its way out.

I feel like dandelions hold their own, and deserve to be noticed. I also think it amusing that such a blue house has a lawn so nicely full of dandelions.

Electric wires

Took this the other day while we were waiting for our car to be finished in the shop.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

James' favorite things

This was the funnest results from a shoot I've gotten of my son. I love the documentation of some of James' favorite things. I would love to do this for anyone's children. It's better than just beautiful pictures of their face, because it documents who they are, and what is important to them. So much fun.