Thursday, March 20, 2008

Experimental Color with Added Texture

So this is a fun picture. I really enjoyed editing this one. We have a theme project that we are doing from now until the end of the semester. And every time I talked to my teacher about my theme (photographing shoes in nature) he would tell me I should do different objects like a couch. Now Cory and I have a itty bitty sports car, and hauling couches out into nature just isn't possible for me to do. Well one Saturday we were out photographing my shoes in nature, and guess what we found. This couch, just sitting there. So I took this picture to please my teacher, and it worked. He loved it. I will now go on to do my own idea of shoes now that I have appeased him :D Anyway I hope you guys like this one.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Motion Assignment

This picture was so much fun to take. The model is my friend Kayleen who is perhaps the happiest person in the world. We did a lot of experimental things, but this was the final product.

Cory Low-Key

We had another assignment that was similar to the low-key, but it required more accent lighting. Cory was kind enough to pose for me for this one.

Uncle Larry

So these pix are from a shoot I did a few weeks ago. Larry was nice enough to come in and pose for me for my assignment, which went well. The assignment was to do a low-key portrait. Here it is.