Saturday, September 22, 2012

Live Passionately

I recently found out that one of my music teachers from high school passed away unexpectedly . He was 59. It has been a tragic loss to the community and his family. It has been amazing to see the outpouring of love for this man, and all of the funny antics shared about his life. It has brought two things to my consideration. One person pointed out, how sad it is that it is after a life has passed that we gather together and share these stories about how deeply a person effects our lives. Why can we not tell these people how much they mean to us in the moment? Why can we not live in a way that everyone unabashedly knows how important they are to us? A small answer may be that we ourselves don't know until years later as we see our own character formed what role they played. But the point remains people should get words of encouragement and appreciation more often during their lives.

The second thought that has arisen recently in my own heart, and more impact-fully since hearing of his death is am I living a passionate life? I have had multiple teachers in my life that have lived passionately. Mr. B was one of those. He taught what he loved. Music. He taught it with passion and excitement. He knew back stories, and history about each piece. He teased relentlessly but taught perfection. He shared his passions willingly through music, through the outdoors, through easy and welcoming invitations to go with him: from band trips to river rafting he lived passionately. So again I ask myself. Am I living passionately? Am I doing what makes me happy everyday?

I admit I am not. And I admit that doing so, at least as a mother of young children, takes a lot of extra energy. Don't get me wrong I love being a Mom, but somedays it is just blah. But am I instilling what makes me excited in my children? Do they know what makes me tick? Do they know what gives me a thrill? These are questions I am asking myself, and trying to change the current answers to.

Thankfully this morning I took the challenge, and when awoken long before sunrise by my munchkins I instead of cursing packed them up along with a wonderfully supportive husband, and drove up the canyon chasing the sunrise. And I'm so glad we did.